The BRIX Team

Product professionals, AI experts, and Machine Learning gurus are the backbone of our team. We’ve seen both sides of the project creation experience, and together we’ve created a unique, advanced solution.


Our Passion

After witnessing and experiencing first-hand the issues product leaders have when building an all-star team, we decided to tackle the problem head-on. We are determined to take the pain out of discovering, vetting, and even managing a team good enough to deliver world-class products.

Our founders have an intimate understanding of project and team management, and have used their knowledge to create the most advanced team building AI in the industry.

BRIX started as an industry solution to slower methods that our founders were experiencing themselves at the agency level.

Experts in project management with experience on both sides of project creation and development.

Diverse backgrounds in engineering, analytics, and technology entrepreneurialism.


BRIX Leadership

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    Shuwei Yang

    BS Informatics UCI, Researched Crowdsourcing @ Stanford Former Associate, K5 Ventures

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    Shan Wu

    BS Electrical Engineering @ UCI IOT Researcher @ CaliT UCI Former Quant Analyst, Goldman Sachs

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    Xiaohui Xie

    Machine Learning, Computational Biology, Genomics Expert Computer Science, PHD @ MIT Postdoctoral @ MIT & Harvard

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    Malik Ahmad

    BS Biology & Computer Science Dorm Room Fund, Mucker Labs, Growth Hacker 2 Startups, 1 Exit

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We’re here!

1691 Kettering St,
Irvine, CA 92614
United States

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